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Saturday, May 15, 2010


SAHRN- The Sub-Saharan Africa Harm Reduction Network is a network of organizations in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa that promotes and advocates or practices Harm Reduction in the region.The mission of SAHRN is to support, develop, promote and advocate for harm reduction approaches in the field of substance use, HIV/AIDS, public health and social exclusion by following the principles of human rights and freedoms. SAHRN educates and promotes harm reduction for vulnerable populations and the broader community of people who use drugs. It fosters and promotes a comprehensive approach in relation to addressing drug-related harms that includes injecting and non-injecting drugs, such as alcohol, inhalants and solvents as well as prescribed medications. It also strengthens civil society organisations in relation to promoting and delivering harm reduction interventions.

Our website is http://www.sahrn.net/

We would like to make contact with HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and Drug Misuse/ Harm Reduction organizations in the Sub-Saharan region to enable us to recruit potential members and promote the practices of Harm Reduction in the region.

We would be grateful if you would send us a list of relevant organizations. Please find attached an application for SAHRN membership form and our latest newsletter.

Thanking you for your support.

Best wishes,

Dr G.Hussein Rassool PhD MSc BA FRSPH
ILTM Cert. Ed. Cert Couns.
Project Co-ordinator, SAHRN

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